Friday, April 22, 2011

when we love someone kiter akan bg kesemuanye xkire ape saje..

but u said "we just frend" i accept it ok.
so i treat u as frend yg mcm u ckp..
around 3 month we have been FREND..
so i decide to be with u most than just a frend.
so i pick a nice date to tell u about my feeling..
so i told my BFF what i wanted for my present this year
i said i want "U" be someone speacial for me for my present
then the date has come, i propose "U" like what i have planned for a long time
i hope a happy answer but it's didn't
"U" said u not ready yet..
my answer is "it's oke i understand"
y i said like that??
no none know except me
coz i dont hurt my feeling,ur feeling and i always want to things positively..
but i can't face it oke...
i cried alone for a whole night..NO ONE KNOWS.....
when some of my frend as "did u get want do u want??"
i just said "no komen"
because i dont want my frend called me a LOSER or what..
so i decide to keep quite..

i've gave u an example
it someone that u like and u want propose him as ur bf in ur bufday
u he said sorry  i'm not ready yet..
what were ur feeling??
please  give ur answer?

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